Escape Room

We Bring the Game to You

Our fun and fast-paced games will measure your students’ and employees’ ability to work as a team to communicate, and problem-solving effectively and efficiently. Using a unique blend of creative originality and dynamic fun, our portable escape experience is perfect for your next employee/student activity.

Choose from one of our escape room experiences for a memorable and fun event. Each experience can be set up at your location.

Room 745
Players have 1 hour to investigate the disappearance and murder of William Smith and S. Holmes. The  objective is to find lots of objects – evidence that hide the solution to the murder mystery that well hidden, and deciphered to the regular eye.

Jersey Heist
Mario, a devoted fan of Brazil FC, managed to obtain a one-of-a-kind autographed jersey. He noticed his house was broken into and that his prized jersey was missing. Devastated, he hired a group of detectives to recover his precious gem. Players have 1 hour to recover the jersey.

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